BLE Photography: Blog en-us (C) Bethamie Epstein - BLE Photography (BLE Photography) Mon, 16 Apr 2018 16:06:00 GMT Mon, 16 Apr 2018 16:06:00 GMT BLE Photography: Blog 90 120 Buza Engagement Party- Cairnwood Estate | Bucks County Area Photographer On December 28, 2017, I witnessed the beautiful engagement party celebrating the this newly engaged couple. Cairnwood Estates was the perfect setting for this post-Christmas formal event. Take a look at some of my favorites from this beautiful evening.

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Logan's 5th Birthday | Bucks County Area Photographer I had the joy to take photos of Logan's 5th birthday party! He loves police cars and police officers and he had some wonderful visitors during his party. Also, we enjoyed yummy chicken fingers and cheesesteaks from Wit or Witout, which his dad owns... Yummmm!!!

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The DeCrosta Family | Bucks County Area Photographer Sunday was a busy day with some fall fun at Valley Forge National Park with the DeCrosta Family! This was my first session with this beautiful family. The boys had me laughing the entire time. They had such HUGE personalities and made our mini session a blast! They were making such funny faces and being so silly, we just hoped we got some good photos...well...turned out, there were so many that just turned out so well because their personalities were enormous. Here are the some of our favorites!

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The Malave Family | Bucks County Area Photographer Another wonderful client that I have the pleasure of seeing each year. It is so much fun to see the kids grow up together and interact with each other. I am so thankful I get to see their wonderful smiles. 


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The Markowitz Family | Bucks County Area Photographer My pure joy for this family (almost) outweighs my joy for Trevor's/Wit or Witout cheesesteaks! LOL

The boys literally make me laugh out loud the entire time we have our sessions. I am so happy to have this family as clients. I am thrilled to see them every year and watch the boys grow up and watch as they really, truly love each other.


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Wish Them Well | Bucks County Area Photographer In my time as a photographer, I am always happy to give back to my community. I have donated a number of photo sessions to schools to auction off and in mid-September, I was able to offer my time to a wonderful non-profit organization called Wish Them Well ( during a yoga fundraiser.

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Grace | Bucks County Area Photographer September was a busy month! Back-to-school, changes in schedules and the Bar/Bat Mitzvah season ramps up! I was very excited to capture Grace's rite of passage as she became an adult in the eye's of her synagogue. Watching her family beam with pride while watching her in front of the Torah was so special. It was an insight to what I have to look forward to in 18 months when my oldest daughter becomes a Bat Mitzvah. After the work comes the fun when Grace parties it up with her friends. Mazel Tov, Grace! 

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Alissa and Lance | Bucks County Area Photographer I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally post this blog! I was completely fortunate to have been able to help Lance surprise his love on July 8, 2017, with an unexpected proposal. We started with some fun, light-hearted family shots and then, BOOM! Out of nowhere, Lance got down on one knee and proposed to Alissa! It was such a beautiful day at Wildwood and it was just made even better by watching Lance propose to Alissa and Tyler. Because this was no ordinary shoot, this blog will have a "few" more additional photos attached than I would normally add. Sorry for the overload, but I can't help it!!! Congratulations, Lance, Alissa and Tyler!!!

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Baby E | Bucks County Area Photographer While this wasn't an official shoot, I couldn't help but take photos of this adorable little one during my daughter's cheer party. Baby E has so much personality! Check out this adorable face!!!

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Baby Alaina's First Birthday | Bucks County Area Photographer Babies are adorable and even more cute when they start to show their personalities! This little cutie showed some serious personality! It was obvious how much she loves her siblings and her toy, "Squishy", during her First Birthday photo session.


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The Markowitz Family | Bucks County Area Photographer Raffle winner!!! The Markowitz Family was lucky enough to win their photo shoot from a Warrington Baseball fundraiser last winter and waited for the perfect fall day to redeem it. This beautiful family had so many wonderful photos, it was really hard to choose just a few to showcase. I could have spent hours with them, they are just one of the nicest families!



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The Malave Family | Bucks County Area Photographer After spending a few fun days with family and celebrating Thanksgiving, I ended the holiday weekend with a wonderful photo shoot with the Malave family. Now, when I say I didn't stop laughing the entire time, I really mean it. The smiles this family gave were genuine. The laughter was real. I had a blast with this fantastic family!



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The Markowitz Family | Bucks County Area Photographer Sunday, November 6th was a busy day! Two Markowitz families in one afternoon! I have one word to describe the two sweet boys I spent time with... Personality. These kids have such personality. We spent the entire mini session laughing and chasing after two energetic, adorable boys! Here are just a few of my favorites from this fun session.


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The Junguzza Family | Bucks County Area Photographer I have a soft-spot for this family that I was lucky to spend some time with on October 30th. I have known this sweet little boy, who was my first photo session (cute little boy in a suit with a red chair), since he was born. The Junguzza family welcomed a new sweet addition last November and I can tell you that she might be one of the sweetest, happiest babies I have met. Here is just a preview, some of my absolute favorites, because there were just too many to choose from!



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The Brogan Family | Bucks County Area Photographer There are so many words to describe this beautiful family... Photogenic is definitely one of them! I feel so blessed to have met this wonderful family. Their happiness just truly shines in these photos and their love for each other is just so palpable. I loved editing these pictures because I could just see the joy radiating from them. This session could have gone on and on and I had taken the most pictures I had ever taken during a family portrait session! Here are some of my favorites. I could have just kept posting....



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The Rehr Family | Bucks County Area Photographer The Rehr Family and I have been friends for a while now and I was so excited to be able to take their family photos this year! We have known each other through Warrington sports and have taken our friendship off the fields, too. Between Samantha's sassiness, Lucas' adorable smile and Tyler's "cool" attitude, we had a great time at Valley Forge on October 23rd, capturing some recent photos of this busy, fun-loving family.

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The Klein Family | Bucks County Area Photographer I had the pleasure of meeting the Klein Family on October 16th, who won a photo session from a fundraiser I had donated to. It is such a wonderful thing to be able to capture memories for families and to meet so many amazing people. This session was no exception. Abby, Aaron and Evan were just a delight to "play" with that I was sad when our time was up. Luckily, we have some great photos to remember our fun afternoon!



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Summer, School and Soccer | Bucks County Area Photographer Hi everyone,

I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer and is ready to get back into it all as we have now entered autumn. Summer is normally very busy with trying to enjoy every last minute of sunshine and warmth and then we blink and school starts. The yellow buses are everywhere and slow us down as we drive to and from work. The fall leaves start to appear as we watch our children enjoy their intramural or travel sporting events. Our life, from mid-August to the end of October is soccer. Typically, we have something soccer-related 4-5 days a week. It is hectic and our calendar is full but I am learning to try and enjoy the busy, because soon enough, they will be driving themselves and I will miss the "busy" days. So I implore you to think about this and how you can enjoy your "busy" a bit more. Let me help you by coming to your child's sporting event and allow me to capture the pictures you would be taking so that you can enjoy them and their games. Below are a few shots from my girls' most recent games, enjoy!

~ Bethamie




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WWSO Minors All-Star Game 2016 | Bucks County Area Photographer Sunday was very exciting for the girls of the 2016 Minors WWSO All-Star teams! It was humid and cloudy but the girls were amped up! The energy in the air and buzzing of the family and friends that were out to show support was electrifying. The team made some amazing plays and ended up winning, which was even more exciting than just going out to play. We had a great time!


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Katie and Matt | Bucks County Area Photographer I had the honor of photographing Katie and Matt's beautiful backyard wedding on April 16th. It was a gorgeous day for true love and a family to be created. Check out some of my favorites.


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